The oldest and least frequent tea-maker. He is a highly experienced tutor and an original founder of the company.


The youngest member of the team, not too shabby at making the tea.


The highest qualified and newest member of the team. Prefers coffee.

Ben (Phrixus) Broughton

Ben is an occasional tutor available for one to ones. He has a particular in-depth knowledge in sound design and arrangement.

Tami Pein

Tami is the lead DJ tutor at Girls Club at DJ School UK. She helps empower and enhance the talent of those not fully represented in the electronic music scene. Tami is a big tea enthusiast.

Dan De Lissandri

Music Production Specialist and Project Manager. Although one of the company founders he now only works occasional projects as a freelancer. Makes his tea the colour of He-Man.

Ben Lea

Ben Lea is a vinyl specialist with 10 years experience playing funk hiphop and rare groove. Able to work on vinyl DVS and raw vinyl he is available direct for bookings on: 07971 478406

The Board of Directors

As a non-profit company we have an independent board of gurus who make the finest tea in the universe, but we would never ask them to, we're not worthy.