IMG_0024CPD DJ Courses for school teachers and those working with young people

Cost: £125 per person including refreshments and resources

Venue: DJ School UK, 3 St Peter’s Square, Leeds, LS9 8AH

Maximum number of people per day – 8

Minimum number of people per day – 2

(If you want to learn alone we must still charge £250 for the day)

  • DJ skills can engage young people in music in a way that traditional instruments cannot.
  • The inclusion of DJ skills at GCSE offers an opportunity to increase the uptake of music by an as yet un-accessed cohort of music lovers. As we were consultants during the development of the AQA GCSE Music DJ specification 2018, we are able to provide specialist staff CPD to  support this.
  • DJing is an accessible entry point where all can feel culturally represented by choosing their own music.
  • DJing leads on to a range of varied and demanding skills, equivalent to learning any instrument, and which encourage self-discipline, reflective practise and self – efficacy.

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Course Content

We deliver full day training courses at our fully equipped studio in Leeds City Centre.

The training day consists of:

• The role of a DJ and the equipment used
• How to DJ and mix music using a range of equipment
• Different styles of music, mixing styles and the demand level of the techniques applied
• Linking DJing into the wider music curriculum, including how to assess DJ skills at GCSE.
• Linking Djing into other subjects (Literacy, Numeracy, IT, Science and more.)
• Purchasing and maintaining equipment and music
• Licensing and copyright

If you require other knowledge on specific equipment or techniques please do let us know during the booking process.

For more information please use the form on the right hand side of this page or contact us

With over twenty years of using DJing and music production within educational settings, having delivered CPD to over 30 staff in roles from school teachers to occupational therapists, and having consulted with AQA examiners regarding the updated specification (2018) for DJ skills at GCSE level; we understand the needs of both schools and students.

We have prepared demonstrations, tasks and plans to help you learn how DJ skills can be used in many settings. We have copyright-free audio resources, jargon-busting glossaries and a wealth of online links to help you cement your learning. We are available for follow-up sessions and queries via email/phone.

We are keen to support teachers in schools and all those working with young people by developing their knowledge of DJing with a particular focus on using the equipment and the demands required for the various techniques employed. We have already assisted two schools in setting up their own independent DJ Clubs in school, run by their students for their students.