About DJ School UK

DJ School UK teaches DJ and Music Production skills to anyone of any age and ability.

We are a non-profit social enterprise based in Leeds, U.K.

We believe:

1) DJs are musicians

2) The Turntable is a musical instrument

3) Learning to DJ helps people develop self-confidence, communication, team work and musical skills.

4) DJing is easy and accessible at first but can be as hard as you can handle. It is fun, rewarding, a pathway into all music and a possible career.

We run our own clubs and private tuition from our studio in Leeds City Centre. Click here for a map to the studio. 

We work with external organisations such as schools, youth and community groups. Use the drop down menus at the top of the screen to explore our offers.

We value self-disciplined practise and offer discount rates for anyone wanting to simply use our professional equipment for rehearsal.

We have an extensive network of partners, collaborators and industry professionals who we use to offer our students the best learning environment, real experience and work opportunities. Click here to see what some past students have achieved.

For information on our tutors please click here.


  • "The workshop was fantastic, we would definitely be interested in working with you again."
  • Thank you for hosting SMS Tech this morning. The students and their tutor came back grinning, all asking when they can go back!
  • Well structured sessions. Staff were great at engaging off-task students good links to student likes and well differentiated learning across a range of learners.

  • DJ School UK is the only specialist DJ organisation in Leeds whose primary purpose is to deliver educational work, and it is of a consistently excellent standard. Their project and activity proposals are always well-researched, clearly thought out, logically presented and they always deliver what they say they will, on budget. Their reporting is comprehensive and conscientious with full and detailed data; in fact we have used their reporting as an example of best-practice and developed a template from it for all our other 21 hub partners to use. Feedback from recipients of their work (both learners and teachers) has always been very positive.
  • Hi Jim, thanks for Djing last night our Son really enjoyed it, he came home and continued playing using the things you had shown him x

  • on DJ skills at GCSE Level: "Enthuses, encourages practise and perseverance. Lots of analysis and skills invovled. Engaging and creative.” - GCSE Heads of Music Conference 2014