About DJ School UK

DJ School UK teaches DJ and Music Production skills to anyone of any age and ability.

We are a non-profit social enterprise based in Leeds, U.K.

We believe:

1) DJs are musicians

2) The Turntable is a musical instrument

3) Learning to DJ helps people develop self-confidence, communication, team work and musical skills.

4) DJing is easy and accessible at first but can be as hard as you can handle. It is fun, rewarding, a pathway into all music and a possible career.

We run our own clubs and private tuition from our studio in Leeds City Centre. Click here for a map to the studio. 

We work with external organisations such as schools, youth and community groups. Use the drop down menus at the top of the screen to explore our offers.

We value self-disciplined practise and offer discount rates for anyone wanting to simply use our professional equipment for rehearsal.

We have an extensive network of partners, collaborators and industry professionals who we use to offer our students the best learning environment, real experience and work opportunities. Click here to see what some past students have achieved.

For information on our tutors please click here.


  • Just a quick note to say thanks so much for all your patience and help - Must be a nightmare trying to teach an old dog new tricks! You were great.
  • “…thanks for doing such a good job. I could feel confident enough to leave you to get on with it! Will be in touch at some point about future work. Thanks again – you’ve been great.” Emma Melling - Youth Arts Officer, Kala Sangam, Bradford.
  • "Pleased that the young people benefitted from the activities and that they’ve also followed it up with you. Thanks for all of your hard work during the projects."
  • “Jim is a very good tutor. The first time I met Jim was summer of 2010. Jim and I great fun mashing up tracks and that was when he taught me how to beat juggle (looping). the way he teaches people to DJ is very interesting, because his techniques are very easy to follow and easily understandable. as I was already a DJ me and Jim got along great, he is a friendly person and easy to get along with. recently he came to our youth club and did 5 or 6 sessions over the course of a few weeks. within the time he was their he taught me how to scratch. After a few sessions passed, my scratching got much more advance and now I can scratch independently. overall Jim is a very good tutor and I recommend him to anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of djing. ”   R S
  • Hi Jim, thanks for Djing last night our Son really enjoyed it, he came home and continued playing using the things you had shown him x

  • EPIC :)