DJSchoolUK engages and educates by teaching DJ skills to all ages and abilities. RealDjing, Vinyl, CDJ, Controllers, DJ accreditation, supporting young people.


Jim excels at teaching the basics and inspiring new DJs to find their feet. For those wanting to be a little different Jim has years of experience mixing between genres and staying eclectic. He can help you gain that all important confidence to express your own taste.

Jim is an original founder of DJ School UK. He has been a professional DJ for over 20 years and a tutor for over 12.

Jim’s experience includes: Weekly DJ residencies for over 20 years. 5 years Recording + touring with Live Bands. 8 Years Agency work as a function DJ. Running his own nightclub event for 2 years. 3 years Working in DJ Equipment retailers. 2 years Working in Recording Studios. 12 years DJ Workshops for Leeds Council. Lead Artist for North Yorks County Council. 8 years self-employed DJ Tutor. Current Managing Director of DJ School UK.

Jim is available for tech help, setting up MAC/PCs, controllers, equipment and DJ Software plus is always worth asking for advice before you buy any equipment.

If you think Jim is the right tutor for you please fill in the online contact form and remember to add a message asking for Jim. Or you can talk to him direct using the contact details below: