We are based in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Our best value courses are delivered from our studio in Leeds. (Scroll Down for maps and directions)

If you cannot travel to us we may be still able to visit you, or can help you find a similar service near you.

The Studio

We are very proud of our studio. As a non-profit we put every spare penny and all our experience into choosing the perfect equipment for our teaching needs. We use reliable, well built units that can teach you all the skills you need. By trying all the formats we have available it will help you decide what type of equipment you may want to buy for yourself in the future.

If you already have equipment of your own you can bring it in to pre-arranged private sessions where a specialist tutor will help you set it up or get to grips with anything you want to know.

Club Ready/Industry Standard Equipment

Our flagship set up consists of:

  • 2*Technics SL1210 MKII vinyl turntables
  • 2* Pioneer XDJ 1000 MKII media players
  • 1* Pioneer DJM 900 NXS II DJ mixer

Our macbook laptops have all the software to run this equipment using:

  • Rekordbox performance mode (HID),
  • Traktor HID mode,
  • Serato DVS (Noisemap control),
  • Rekordbox DVS (Timecode or XDJ control),
  • Traktor DVS (Timecode control),

The XDJs can be used without laptop using rekordbox exports or raw audio on USB flash drives directly.

If you have the relevant software this equipment can be configured to work with your own laptop and/or mixer by prior arrangement.

DJ School UK Industry Standard Club Ready XDJ NXS900 Serato Traktor Rekordbox

Beginner/Intermediate and Battle Equipment

Computers –

We have 8 Macbook computers all of which run Serato DJ software.

6 of these MacBooks also have Traktor, Ableton Suite, Logic Pro and Melodics software.

We have an additional Windows PC with Ableton Suite and FL Studio.

Controllers –

We have 5 Numark Mixtrack Pro III, 1 Pioneer DDJ SX, 1 Pioneer DDJ SX II, 1 Mixtrack Pro II and 2 Mixtrack Pro I.

We have 4 Ableton Push for use with Ableton and 4 Launch Key Mini for use with Ableton or Logic plus a Maschine.

CD Players – 

We have 4 pairs of Pioneer CDJ 1000s and 2 pairs of Pioneer CDJ 800s.

Turntables –

We have two pair of Technics SL1210s, one pair of Vestax PDX 2000s and an additional Technics SL1210.

Mixers –

All our CDJs are attached to Numark M2 mixers.

Our Vestax PDX 2000s attach to a Native Instruments Z2 mixer which can be further used with any of our Traktor MacBooks to run Traktor Scratch Pro DVS. We have additional Native Instruments F1 and X1 controllers to add to the Traktor DVS experience.

Battle set up – One pair of our Technics SL1210s are attached to a Pioneer DJM S9 Battle mixer which can be further attached to any of our MacBooks to run Serato DJ DVS.

Speakers/Sound System

All sets of equipment can be heard through our Active Wharfedale Diamond 8.2 Reference Monitors.

For a more realistic club-sound we also offer a Mackie SRM 450 plus Mackie SRM 1850 PA.

Getting here:

Our studio is inside the Bridge Street Church Building, Bridge Street, Leeds LS2 7QZ.

There is on-street parking right outside the building and the huge Templar Street Car Park is right round the corner. We are a 1 minute walk from Leeds Bus Station and ten minutes from Leeds Rail Station.

Normally our reception is staffed and someone will welcome you at the door. In case your booking is outside normal working hours please look for our doorbell and ring. There are multiple businesses in the building and many doorbells. Please make sure you ring the right one.

If you are early or on certain rare occasions we may have to ask you to wait in our reception area for a few minutes.

When you make a booking you should note the direct contact of the tutor who will be hosting you. If you need any information on the day you should contact that tutor directly. Please be aware – there may be a session before and after yours – if your phone call is not answered it is because your tutor is busy – if you don’t leave a message they will ignore it. If you are late you will still need to leave at the end of your booked time to allow for the next booking to start promptly.

Finding us:

These photos should help you find us – Start by looking for the huge “P” for parking sign on the corner of our road.

It is on the roundabout where Eastgate and Regent Street meet the A61.

The orange arrows below show you the way right up to our front door.

Studio culture


Right next door to our studio and on the same floor are male and female toilets and a unisex wheelchair accessible bathroom.


We have a small kitchen where you are welcome to help yourself to a cup of tea, coffee, water or squash. We are 2 minutes walk from Leeds City Centre with hundreds of places to get food and eat. If you will stay over a meal time you can keep food in our fridge. For larger groups we suggest you speak to us in advance to see if there will be space to take a lunch break in the building reception area.

Wifi: We have free wifi – if you are a parent or carer hanging out while someone else has a session you can bring a device and get on with things.


We aim to keep everyone happy and so our rules are simple and intended to reflect that we just want everyone to get along:

No food or drink leaves the kitchen area.

No Prejudice of any kind.

No Bullying.

We will not allow any offensive or illegal activities. If you are sharing the space at a club or project you must be considerate of everyone present. If you are hiring the space for yourself you must still be considerate of our staff.

Explicit lyrics should not be played at volumes other people can hear them unless those people have agreed their acceptance of them.

We and you are all subject to the Terms and Conditions plus accompanying policies you have to agree to before making a booking.

DJ School UK trades under the name DJ School Leeds CIC. The company was registered at Companies House, England and Wales with the company number: 8516007 on the 3rd March 2013.

Our registered office address is: 9 Wells Croft, Meanwood Leeds, LS6 4LA.