Studio and Community Sessions

Available to anyone by prior agreement. Sessions can be:

  • A great way to break the ice in a new group,
  • Engaging for a small team
  • A treat to music lovers!
  • An intensive session where everyone produces a basic mix
  • A chilled out demonstration of DJing by our artists
  • Based on the same format as any of our School Sessions.

We will be as flexible and negotiable as possible – just talk to us in advance.

If you book in our studio everyone will have their own equipment (max 16).

If you book us to come to a venue of your choice we provide a set of equipment per pair of clients (max 8). If you have a large group we can do 3 * 40 min sessions for 8 people per session in two hours.

Talk to us about larger groups, longer sessions or additional activities. The longer you book  the cheaper it works out.

We can partner your organisation in a funding application to help reduce costs to you.

Also available on longer courses is accreditation from Arts Award or AQA.

For SEN, PRU, EBD, SMEH, YOT or any other special needs we will require your organisation to supply relevant support staff for your clients needs.

Times and dates must be agreed via Service Level Agreement. All bookings are subject to agreement to our terms and conditions which are linked in the footer of each webpage.If you have any questions – please just get in touch using the form on this page or our contact details in the top menu.

Up to 5 people for 1 hour in DJ School UK = £75.00

Up to 12 people for 1 hour in DJ School UK = £95.00

Up to 12 people for 2 hours in DJ School UK = £145.00

Up to 12 people for 4 hours in DJ School UK = £245.00

Up to 8 people for 2 hours at a venue of your choice = £145.00 + travel

All payments are made via invoice on receipt of a purchase order or as per a service level agreement.

*We may be able to help with costs by accessing funds in partnership with you.

DJSchoolUK engages and educates by teaching DJ skills to all ages and abilities. RealDjing, Vinyl, CDJ, Controllers, DJ accreditation, supporting young people.

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