This is where we show off what our ex-students and current champions are up to. Most have regular work and releases and many are fast making a career in the music industry.

Student success at DJ School UK is important to us. We don’t just want to teach a skill and leave it there. We hope to stay up to date with what all our students are doing – that way we can always be there if they need a hand, and we can ask them to help out if we feel someone new could benefit from their personal experience.

Rory Hoy

Rory also began with Jim nearly ten years ago.

He has now released 5 critically acclaimed albums on legendary Freddy Fresh’s Howlin’ Records label, USA, numerous EPs and Singles on
other worldwide labels and is an in-demand remixer and collaborator. His tracks have been used by Disney, Sony BET TV, Costco, the Tour de France Documentary and he constantly works on briefs for
syncs for Adverts, TV and Film.

Rory’s Site with all his details are here –

Michael Connolly

Michael joined our Big Music Project in 2014 and has since held residencies at Havana (Headingley) and District (Leeds).

In Oct 2015 he posted this great news on his Facebook: “So buzzing my track Get trippy has been signed to Subwoofer Records and will be going on the 2015 Amsterdam Dance Event compilation album!!! will be available on Beatport, iTunes, etc in the following weeks!!!


TriXX Facebook Page

Megan Coxon

Megan came to our first ever Breeze project at our old venue and even though we haven’t seen her since, we know she is up to all kinds of gigs over in Bradford/HUD area where she lives.



Sam Moss

Sam learnt the very first steps with Jim over ten years ago! It was during his Gold Arts Award that he found work in Rehab, Harrogate.

He is now owner and manager of New Concept Studios

And holds a DJ residency at Electro-Circus-York

Making a full time living from Djing and the music industry can’t be too bad can it?


Declan Kerr

Declan knows how to get the job done and now promotes events.

His regular under 18 event page is here:

His over 18s Friday night event is here:

Yasmin Broderick

Yaz has been with us for a few years now and has become a regular champion – deep is the word.

Josh Goodwill

Josh runs things over in Scarborough:


Kyle Fardy

Kyle really loves his music and is getting more and more into production these days:

Lewis Jnr Maverick

Lewis is our longest running DJ and a current Champion. He was here at the start and he’ll stay to the end. He’s done every showcase we have held and played the Breeze Briggate stage 3 times. We’ve even paid him to help us out sometimes!

Oli Brooksbank

Oli was also with us right at the start and stays in touch letting us know how he is upping his game.

Thomas West (DJ Silver)

Thomas started with us back in our original venue and showed so much individual energy we couldn’t hold him back!