DJ School UK offers a variety of school sessions for Primary and Secondary Education.

Our prices depend only on the length of time we are on site. You can choose which activities we deliver in each part of the day. This way you get the best opportunities for the maximum number of students.

Further down are some descriptions of the types of activities we can deliver in a booking.



In accordance with the D.C.M.S. National Plan for Music Education, this unique opportunity will give young people engaging and educational access to music using contemporary DJ equipment.


1) Engage young people who may not otherwise take up the music education on offer to them.

2) Show those already enjoying music how modern DJing can be incorporated and utilised by them.

3) Demonstrate the value of music education to all the participants.

4) Signpost young people to further activities within your school, at our organisation and with the wider Leeds Music Education Partnership.

Fees per artist:

  • Up to 2- 3 hours = £145
  • From 4 to 6 hours = £275
  • Additional Assembly Demo = £50
  • Discounts available if you need more than one artist.
  • Funding available to Leeds Schools – Click Here

Each artist can deliver:

  • “Hands On session” = up to 10 students
  • “Demonstration Session” = whole class (30 students)
  • Assembly Demo = unlimited
  • Arts Award = Please see below
  • Beat Team = up to 4 students

 Music Plan core or extension roles:

  • Learning together as a whole class
  • Developing emerging skills
  • Providing access to music experiences


-We are extremely good at getting young people to recognise and count along to the pulse of music.

-Students will recognise the value of intellectual property.

The Arts Award.

-Team Working (as “Beat Team”).

-Reward for Gifted and Talented/Lower ability pupils

-Part of an Arts and Cultural week

-Engaging for Special Educational Needs Disabilities/PRU

-For GCSE music students who want to use DJ skills as the performance element please click here.



Beat team set up


To begin your booking process:

Click the link to view, save or print a .pdf document which can be completed and returned to us by post. – Download pdf booking form.

Or you can download the same form directly as a .Doc and return it to us electronically – Download .doc booking form.

Deciding how best to use our time:

Ideally each of our school sessions is 1 hour long but we can fit into your school timetable to avoid disruption.

For example in a 3 hour booking you could have a whole school Assembly Demonstration, followed by 1 “hands on” lesson for up to 10 gifted and talented students, then a “demonstration” to a whole class of 30. If your lesson times are shorter than an hour you may even fit a third class in, or you could consider three sessions plus an additional £50 for an assembly.

Another example would be to host 5 or 6 “demonstration” lessons to whole classes of 30 students over the course of a full day, or 5 or 6 “hands on” sessions to smaller groups.

Also available are school sessions based on The Arts Award at all levels. Or you may consider our NEW team skills “Beat Team” project where small groups work as a musical ensemble.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your timetable, your groups of students and what you have in mind.

Alternative training for your staff through CPD-

You may also want to consider our CPD offers to train your own staff to deliver DJ skills or set up your own DJ club in school – we can supply all the training and advise which equipment is suitable for your circumstances. If this interests you please click here.


Session Themes

Whole School Assembly –

These last between 15 and 30 minutes and consist of a brief explanation of what DJs do, how to count to the Pulse of music and how to synchronise the Tempos of two songs to blend them seamlessly together. If the assembly demonstration fits within a 3 or 6 hour booking there is no additional booking fee. If you do require an assembly demonstration please bear in mind that we will expect to host all other sessions that day from the same hall as moving the equipment is very time-consuming.
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Standard “Hands-On” Session –

A DJ School UK artist can deliver to up to 10 young people each – demonstrating and then helping each student to do a DJ “mix”. The steps we take are:

  • Count to the pulse,
  • Recognise the first beat in a bar and musical phrase,
  • Count in and play a song from the first beat of bar, in relation to a second song which is already playing.
  • Match the two differing tempos of the two different songs,
  • Consider the arrangement of the two songs before choosing when and how to finally “mix” them together.



This session includes time for questions and answers during which we always ensure the students have understood the importance of intellectual property, copyright, and why music is valuable.

For younger classes or groups with diverse needs our artists are highly experienced at recognising who needs extra help or encouragement to ensure all have a fun and engaging experience.

If you want larger groups of up to 20 young people involved then please allow for twice the fee so we can provide an additional artist and an additional set of equipment.
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DJ School UK delivering a demo of DJ skills

Standard “Demonstration” Session –

For larger groups where there would be longer delays if everyone waited for each student to have their own “hands on” experience we also deliver engaging demonstrations of DJ skills.

All the steps detailed above are covered professionally by our DJs and so all attendees learn to recognise the pulse of music and understand how DJs “mix” two songs together.

If behaviour is good and it seems appropriate our professional workshop facilitators may call up attendees for a short “hands on” experience of their own during these sessions.

These demonstration sessions allow our artists to show off many more skills of the modern DJ such as: scratching, sampling, looping, using effects, mixing between varied genres of music, and more.

If required we can also discuss optional themes with your groups such as:

HIP HOP – Pro respect, pro skill, anti violence.

House Music – DIY culture and sampling.

Copyright – Intellectual property and why music is  valuable.

Career paths – What can the music industry offer you?

History of music – tracing the use of samples.

Please contact us directly for further info on any of these themes.

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Arts Award Participation-

Our “hands on” Sessions can be used as a “taking part” section of The Arts Award at Discover, Explore, Bronze or Silver Level. To make the most of this your staff will need to evidence the session using camera or video. Our artists are trained Arts Award advisors and will provide worksheets and make individual notes to portfolios where appropriate.

Arts Award Skill Share –

A group of up to 15 students can use one of our artists for a full day (minimum 4 hours) and achieve their Arts Award Participation and Skill Share at Bronze Level. To make the most of this your staff will need to evidence the session using camera or video. Our artists are trained Arts Award advisors and will provide worksheets and make individual notes to portfolios where appropriate.
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DJ School uk, mixing, Scratching, School, music in school

DJ School UK Beat Team delivery in Secondary School

Beat Team –

A group of 8 students can learn how to use the turntable as an instrument and how to work together around a shared pulse to create their own composition. In an hour 8 students are taught rudimentary scratch techniques, each using one drum sample or other noise – then all are given a role in the creation of a rhythm. This is a new resource which is engaging and helps develop team work and communication skills while teaching students about the pulse of music. For more information on this project, how it began and how it works please click here.
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If you want further information or the chance to discuss any ideas, especially relating to our Arts Award offers – please click here to contact us.
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To begin your booking process:

Click the link to view, save or print a .pdf document which can be completed and returned to us by post. – Download pdf booking form.

Or you can download the same form directly as a .Doc and return it to us electronically – Download .doc booking form.

Some testimonials

  • Well structured sessions. Staff were great at engaging off-task students good links to student likes and well differentiated learning across a range of learners.

  • "Brilliant differentiation techniques for individual students." "Good rapport." "Calm working and learning environment provided." "The students who perhaps were thought not to be engaged were, fully."   Becki Murphy - ASDAN  Co-ordinator and Prince's Trust Advisor, The Co-operative Academy of Leeds.
  • "The majority of the children spoke highly of the workshop and were engaged by it, children found the instructors informative, patient and helpful."
  • The workshop was a great success and the children really enjoyed it. They were pleased to have a go on the decks and do some mixing which was great for some of the boys in that particular class. We were really pleased with how you chose songs for the 90s era which tied in great with a themed day. Overall the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we will keep you in mind if anything else comes up in the next coming year. Thank you for sending me the link too. The children will enjoy listening to it. K. Edwards, Queensway Primary School, Leeds.
  • "Practical and hands on elements seemed to really enthuse students"
  • "The tutors were able to engage the students immediately, it was clear to see they were enjoying the session immensely, this was an excellent presentation"

Our requirements

We expect to be set up in one room and not to move between sessions.

We require two trestle size tables and a mains power supply.

We do make noise – so please consider what lessons or exams are nearby to whichever room we are expected to work from.

We require a parking space and access from an hour before the first session is due to start so we can load in and set up.

All our sessions end with a feedback form for each student and one for staff members. Students will be offered the chance to sign up to our newsletter and asked to rate certain aspects of our delivery. Staff will be asked for ages/keystage and numbers of students attending who are pupil premium, on free school meals or who have a statement of special needs.
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