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Rewind Remix is a 6 week DJing project in The Grand Theatre for pupils with challenging behaviour or learning difficulties. The main focus is on: English, ICT, History and Music.

Using DJing, photography and music production young people explore the theatre’s story, comparing the past with the present day. the project provides an opportunity to develop literacy, speaking and listening skills and aims to improve attendance, confidence, self- esteem, motivation and social skills.

Through tours of the theatre and music sessions with DJ School UK participants find out more about the types of music performed at the theatre and create their own remix.

The project concludes with a presentation at Hyde Park Picture House which celebrates the pupils’ findings, their audio creations and remixes.

Early evaluation indicates that this project is having a positive effect on improving pupils’ learning, behaviour and emotional literacy.

Duration: 3 half-day sessions at leeds Grand theatre/City Varieties Music Hall, 2 half day sessions at DJ School UK then a final presentation at Hyde Park Picture House. Cost: Costs include dJ artist, equipment and can include the presentation venue; please contact the learning team for more information:

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Tel: 0113 391 7783



“the experience pupils gain from working at the theatre has a really positive effect on learning, behaviour and self-esteem – KS3 Oasis Manager”

A full brochure of all the projects offered by the Grand Theatre is available via this link:

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