Resources for Schools.

On this page are links to tips, tricks and tutorials from a number of sites. Some are youtube playlists we have designed. All these are intended to help teachers and students at all levels.

Especially popular is our JARGON BUSTING Glossary and our CPD videos.

If you have a specific query feel free to send us a direct message.

Jargon Busting: Our dictionary of terms can be found by clicking here – to help you understand all those terms and words used in the DJ world.

Tutorials for teachers and staff:

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This Link takes you straight to the fantastic history of HIPHOP shared by Google on the 44th Anniversary of the Birth of Hip-Hop.

Click here to have a go at the Google celebration of the 44th Anniversary HipHop.

It includes a free interactive app which demonstrates how to mix breaks in records – so much fun!


This amazing resource shows you how to make your own audio cables.

Technical tips

Turntablism Tutorials by DJ Angelo

How loudspeakers work:

Links to some of our favourite or most-trusted sources of DJ software:


Serato DJ – Our partner and sponsor and easily the most trouble-free digital DJ software for beginner to professional.

Ableton – Our partner and sponsor and easily the most trouble-free music production software for beginner to professional.

Digital DJ Tips site – excellent reviews of current DJ equipment.

DJ Tech Tools – Forward thinking pioneers of DJ technology.



Scratch technique refreshers

How Scratch DJs work as a live band

How Vinyl records work:

Special Treat - some of our favourite (non-explicit) turntablist routines

Musical Bunnies - Just because...



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