Project Pulse 2015

Project Pulse is a joint collaboration for DJs, Street Dancers and MCs.

In Summer 2015 we worked with First Floor and Yorkshire Dance to create a live performance which was shown Live on Millennium Square July 22nd 2015 as part of The Breeze Arts Festival 2015.

Thanks to the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation we now have funding to run this each term of the school year 2015-2016.

Each term we will produce a new performance.

There will be multiple sessions depending on which art form you choose to concentrate on, but you will be able to try out all the art forms if you want to.

Most sessions will be Saturday afternoons in Yorkshire Dance, Near the bus station in Leeds City Centre. See further down for full details.

Under The Owls Performance, Millennium Square, Leeds July 2015


Use the form on the right hand side of this page to let us know you want to get involved – please just write “project pulse 2” in the area on the form for messages.