Mission Statement



DJ School UK is a not-for-profit company with three distinct missions:

1. Supply accessible, engaging and educational DJ and Music Production tuition, projects and workshops.
2. Use our activities to raise self-esteem and teach life-skills to the hard to reach, disadvantaged or otherwise vulnerable.
3. Raise the profile of our art form by formalising accreditation for DJS as musicians to levels equivalent to traditional instrumentalists.

In a nutshell:

We want everyone to indulge their love for music and to discover the joy of creating music. We help people learn the value of self-disciplined practise and free creative expression.

DJ equipment is so accessible that anyone can enjoy music simply by playing their favourite song, but because DJing is also a complex and evolving art form we help people discover the whole world of music and create their own.

Some detail

DJ School UK is a not for profit company supplying regular, reliable, positive, accessible, motivational and educational DJ and Music Production tuition, lessons, projects and workshops to anyone from the Leeds area. This is regardless of race, age, religion, socio-economic group, special behavioural and/or educational needs, previous experience or ability.

DJ School UK helps young people develop a range of personal learning and thinking skills including creativity and leadership. This is achieved in workshop sessions, on longer projects and by establishing progression routes for the participants. Progression routes lead new participants to the activities, into the wider community and onto industry sectors. This is achieved by working collaboratively with other young people, professionals and businesses from local communities, socio-economic groups, and art forms.

DJ School UK delivers accredited qualifications by supporting the Arts Award at all levels, delivering AQA unit award scheme units at pre-entry levels and assisting students at GCSE and Btec. The staff at DJ School UK continue to develop and train to enable themselves to deliver more accredited qualifications.

Those DJs who want to are set up as legally self-employed sole traders able to begin their own career in the entertainment industry.

There are benefits to the wider community as structured arts provision has been shown to increase engagement, attainment, school attendance and reduce re-offending rates. The wider community also enjoys our arts showcases and events produced by participants.

Our private one to one sessions are offered to anyone but all profits from these are used to fund our work with those young people who benefit most from our targeted projects.

Our first Annual Report for the year 2014 to 2015 can be downloaded or viewed by checking this post: https://djschooluk.org.uk/dj-school-uk-annual-report-2014-2015/


To the right you can see a short slideshow of our current studio


The following video is out of date – we have since moved from our original venue to our city centre premises near Leeds Bus Station.

The message and ethics remain the same: