Equal Opportunities Policy

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Policy Statement

DJSchoolUK is committed to a policy of equality of opportunity for all and aims to ensure that no potential or actual employee, partner or participant is treated less favourably than another because of race, ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexuality, disability, age, marital or economic status.

DJSchoolUK’s policy is applicable to all individuals directly associated with the organisation including employed and freelance staff, contractors and any person who acts as an agent on its behalf.

DJSchoolUK will seek to ensure that our projects enable young people who are from potentially excluded groups to participate fully and to succeed.

DJSchoolUK will actively promote equality of opportunity throughout its employment and working practices and will encourage other organisations with which it works to adhere to the same principles.

Statement of Intent

DJSchoolUK recognises that discrimination against different groups of people is widespread in our society. We are committed to implementing policies and practice which will combat discrimination in our areas of concern and aim to promote maximum accessibility of our work to all young people.

This policy is to ensure that no employee, child, young person, teacher, freelance worker or anyone associated with DJSchoolUK  is discriminated against or harassed on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion, all types of disability, mental ill health, gender, marital status, by being gay, lesbian, transgender, responsibility for dependants, lack of formal education or qualifications, class, employment status, appearance, age, HIV antibody status, unrelated criminal conviction, or by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be
Service Provision

DJSchoolUK will take positive action to ensure that our services are equally available, accessible and relevant to all young people.
We will move towards ensuring that DJ Workshops.com DJSchoolUK’s services are accessible to young people with disabilities.

Literature, publicity and printed materials: all language used will be non-discriminatory and clearly written; in the selection of images to supplement literature, websites and printed materials, care will be taken to reflect the diversity of all people in our society.
We will take steps to identify groups with different needs and work with them to ascertain how DJSchoolUK can help meet those needs through positive action.

DJSchoolUK welcomes feedback and constructive criticism of its service by people who are affected by and/or use the service.  There is a complaints procedure for young people involved with any DJSchoolUK project who feel they have been discriminated against or who wish to make comments on our service.

DJSchoolUK should seek to promote Equal Opportunities through:

  • Contact with young people
  • Work with other Statutory and Voluntary organisations
  • Developing links with people who represent women, Black people, lesbians and gay men, people with disabilities and other groups who represent people who are discriminated against in the communities we serve

Employer’s Responsibilities

DJSchoolUK is ultimately responsible for the implementation, monitoring and improvement of this policy. It will ensure that everyone working at DJSchoolUK or associated with us understands the policy and acts in accordance.
Breaches would be dealt with within the disciplinary procedures for the management of DJSchoolUK.

Employees’ Responsibilities

Staff will co-operate in the implementation, monitoring and improvement of this policy.
Staff will not discriminate against colleagues or clients.
All incidents of unjust discrimination within DJSchoolUK come within the remit of the disciplinary and grievance procedure.

Monitoring and Review

The purpose of monitoring and reviews is to examine whether our services are being used by the whole community we aim to serve and to ensure our Equal Opportunities Policy is being effective and successful in encouraging and facilitating the use of DJSchoolUK by those people unjustly discriminated against.
DJSchoolUK will periodically monitor clients to see how far we are reaching all sections of the community.