As we browse the interweb we occasionally find  DJ tips and help that may be useful to young (or old ) DJs.

They turn up on this page in no particular order.

Some people think we are crazy because we share DJ tips and help from free dj schools and other “competitors”! The reality is that we are all in this to learn music and DJ skills. If you can learn from youtube videos then go ahead, if you want to come see us for expert knowledge that’s cool too. Just check out our Home Page for all your options. All we want is the music to be good!


–  An internal link – We used to run a different blog full of DJ tips and help but we moved the whole thing over here to DJ School UK.

This page is our jargon-buster – it is our dictionary, glossary and defines all the words and terms you may hear DJs use. It may help you understand what it all means.

Click here for the DJ Dictionary!

Second is DJ School UKs very own youtube channel: I’ve linked it to the popular demo of how a £5 UK note can play vinyl – but if you click through you can find all the videos and subscribe to our Youtube.

– this is regularly updated with new V-logs of our projects but also has our favourite online tutorials for scratching etc.

This next one is a playlist of useful technical tips we store on our youtube – again you click onto it to see more in the playlist.

Another playlist of our favourite scratching tutorials:

This links to an amazing page that explains how speakers work:

How speakers make sound

Here is a new service that can mix and master recordings via online discussion – saving heaps of money compared with booking studio time  –
It also features a music studio advice / tips article hub for readers: –

This site is an incredible resource for anyone wanting to learn to DJ, Ellaskins himself gave us his blessings to use these links – he really is that nice:


A cheeky video explaining the Sticker Lock Function in Serato DJ:


Good places for DJs to find acappellas online (courtesy of our friends Digitaldjtips:

We love this explanation of various musical terms by bunnies.

This links to a guide that compares lots of the DJ Software and Controllers available in 2016


Volume can be dangerous - Be Brave, Take the test: