Using DJ Skills as the performance element of GCSE Music

We at DJ School UK strongly believe that the turntable is an instrument, and that the DJ is a musician.

As we were consultants during the development of the AQA GCSE Music DJ specification, we are able to provide specialist staff CPD, whole class enrichment or individual student support for this.

GCSE DJ classes take place in our studio or your school in one to one or small group sessions. All students learn the skills needed to use DJing as the performance element of their GCSE music.

We recommend:

-one to one tuition: £45 per hour followed by practise time at £5 per hour. This is only £25.00 per hour!

-group booking: 4 students can share one hour of tuition and then have an hour of individual practise time each for a fee of £145.

You can book as many or as few sessions as your students require but each booking for DJ Classes for the Performance Element of GCSE Music must be made directly with us as availability allows. Previous students have completed their learning in 6 sessions.

If you are interested in the group booking but cannot reach the numbers please contact us and we will see if you can share the fees with other schools in the same situation.

– We can also train your staff to deliver the skills needed and can help set your school up with DJ equipment or a DJ club to encourage more uptake of music. Please click here to see our CPD offers.


We do not and will not allow students to think they are taking an easy path by choosing this format. We push all students to learn outside their comfort zone, to use manual skills and musicianship, and to appraise to at least the same degree as any other instrumentalist.

We follow up each session by sending the relevant staff member our reflections on the students progress.

The most avid students may want to take up further study or practise at our DJ Clubpractise time, or one to one sessions.


For any further information or to enquire about our availability please complete the form on the right hand side of this page. Please ensure you add a message so we can deal with your enquiry as quickly as possible.

Alternatively please contact us direct by clicking here.