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The Basics of DJing: How to use the equipment, how to cut, how to beatmix, scratching etc… you name it, it is our daily business. Each style of music lends itself to different mixing styles, you may want to learn some or all of the techniques available. Our one to one customers can choose to learn exactly what they want to learn. We start with the basic functions and then watch and discuss with you so we only use your time to teach you what you want.

Learn to DJ: We will help you to build your own set in any style of music either from the selection of music we have on offer or what you would like to bring along. We strongly recommend you bring some of your own music as you will be able to DJ better with music you know and love.

Sound quality is one of the most important aspects of DJing. We will teach you how to achieve the best sound quality by using the mixer and fx. You can also learn how to set up and use P.A. equipment to achieve the best live sound.

Part of being a DJ is being able to read the crowd you are playing to, we will give you hints and tips but also, because of our strong links and regular events at The Wardrobe nightclub, we can give you practical experience playing at showcases.