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Beat Team Project - Learn to use the turntable as an instrument


This is a free project for 13-18 yr olds to teach the basic skills of scratching and turntablism. We will start on CDJs, but you will also be able to try vinyl and controllers.

You will work as a team to build up your own music using only scratches. This will develop your team work, communication and musical skills.



DJ Qbert explains the very first scratch everyone should learn:



Anyone can join in and learn then practise in headphones. We know everyone starts somewhere so anyone can try it out.

Those DJs who can scratch well and work as a team will be first in line to get on more projects to develop this. Those DJs who are amazing will be touring, performing and uploading music as part of our Beat Team.

The sessions are available to 13-18 year olds, are FREE and run every Thursday from 5.30pm to 7.30pm alongside our DJ Club from 8th Jan to 19th March (except half term on the 12th Feb).

Places are tight but to get involved fill in the contact form on the right hand side of this page and be sure you enter “beat team” where it asks for a message. If you already know us just text or email jim or dan.

Our main aim is to have the turntable/DJ Deck recognised as an instrument. YOU CAN HELP THIS HAPPEN and LEARN NEW SKILLS.