DJ School UK are proud to announce that our “Beat Team” has received core funds from the Leeds Music Education Partnership and are now an official “City of Leeds Youth Music” Ensemble.

This means we can continue our dedicated teamwork projects using DJ equipment as musical instruments. To express an interest just fill in the form on the right hand-side of the page.

At Beat Team sessions we avoid copyright material. We use beats and sounds we find, record or synthesize to create completely original music. We do this by scratching, looping, juggling, cue-drumming and sound effects. This new art relies on us using modern DJ equipment as instruments. We call it: “controllerism.”

Session details:

Sessions run every Thursday in school term time from 6.00pm to 7.00pm for ages 11-18.

Beginners are always welcome and will be shown all the basics. Everyone is welcome to use headphones to practise on their own until they feel ready to join the team and let others listen.

All Thursday sessions take place in our studio in Leeds City Centre – Click here for a map and details of our location.

Advanced players are invited to join a later session from 7.00pm and must be willing to commit to rehearse and perform on dates and in venues to be confirmed.

Fees – Sessions cost £1 each but we prefer people to pay £10 per term and commit to be a part of the team.

Members of beat team can learn how to:

  • Scratch
  • Loop
  • Juggle
  • Hot-cue drum
  • Record sounds
  • Synthesise sound
  • Use sound effects
  • Work as a team
  • Create new music
  • Work as a band
  • Perform Live
  • … and more!

This is the third year we will run the beat team – at previous sessions we created this summary video to explain how we work:

Our ensemble also get invited to collaborate with other City of Leeds Youth Music Ensembles and bands, the latest project we did was a response to the BBC Ten Pieces programme. Here is a video of our concert in the Corn Exchange with The City of Leeds Youth Training Orchestra, Phoenix Dance and The Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Our part is in the last five minutes.

OUR YOUTUBE: To help our students we have sourced a selection of turntable tutorials which are all guaranteed to be clear, easy to understand and free of explicit lyrics. You can use the following youtube playlists:

TURNTABLE TUTORIALS – Learn all the basics – remember that any platter can be used to scratch, vinyl, CD or Controller.


PRO TURNTABLISM – Watch world-class DJs use their equipment as an instrument.

Whilst DJ School UK is an LMEP partner, the majority of the work and activity we undertake is in addition to that which is supported, commissioned or funded by LMEP. 

We are responsible for quality assuring all of our work, and ensuring we have robust child protection, health & safety, and equal opportunities policies in place when working with children and young people.