Giving our students evidence of the time they commit and the skills they have gained is written into our mission statements. At our private, school, community and club sessions we deliver or support a wide variety of accreditation and qualifications and we are always working to develop more. Please browse the information on this page to see if any may suit you or the young person you represent. If you would like to begin a qualification or have any query regarding a specific curriculum or syllabus please do not hesitate to ask.

The Unit Award Scheme (UAS) offers learners the opportunity to have their achievements formally recognised with a certificate issued by AQA each time a short unit is successfully completed. Having developed our own DJ-specific UAS units all our students follow a process which entitles them to these certificates as they progress. For a small administrative fee DJ School UK will register and deliver the certificates to any who wants them – please just get in touch.

As consultants during the development of the AQA GCSE Music DJ specification, we are able to provide specialist staff CPD, whole class enrichment or individual student support for this. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

As an Arts Award Centre we offer the full range of five different award levels.

To achieve their Arts Award, young people take on challenges in an art form, participate in arts activities, experience arts events, get inspired by artists and share their arts skills with others. Young people create a portfolio to keep a record of their creative journey. Along the way they are supported by an Arts Award adviser, acting as assessor, facilitator and mentor.

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